HADDASSAH 100TH anniversary event….
Just a little note to thank you in a BIG way! It was a spectacular event ..which will be remembered for years to come! Your talent is incredible..you could of been the entire show …people were raving about your singing…but I am sure you are were aware of accolades that were being spoken about you all evening!

I am so sorry Robin missed out on joining us! Please stay in touch and let us know of any of your up coming concerts ..I know many of our members would like to attend.

I hope I will be able to discuss with you and Robin the possibilities for creating next years event.

May G-d Bless you and your family….with Respect/Admiration and Gratitude,

The professional contribution composer/producer, Lawrence Dermer, along with his lovely wife and partner, Robin, gave to the “Stand With Israel” gathering significantly enhanced the evening to be a signature event with Lawrence’s performance of original compositions and solo leadership for all vocal selections. You both blessed the event with your gifts, and I look forward to hearing and seeing more of you.

Carolyn Haynes

Lawrence is one of those special talents not just in a musical sense, but in a spiritual sense. There are those who can sing to entertain, and then there are those who can sing in a way that brings your soul to a higher place. Through his music, Lawrence helps one’s soul find achieve harmony with the Shechinah, G-d’s divine presence.

Rabbi Jeremy Barras
Temple Beth El
Ft. Myers, Fl

Third House Rising combines the driving beats and catchy riffs of popular music with the deeper spiritual awareness of Judaism and the Kaballah. “Souls Live On” is a moving refrain detailing the horrors of the Holocaust that transforms into a paean of hope for the survival of the Jewish people.

-Mickey and Chris Bielski, Bonita Springs, FL

Dear Robin & Lawrence:

Thank you so much for your awesome concert at our Shul! You really gave an all-out performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. I particularly appreciated your great arrangements, beautiful and inspiring lyrics, and the “Neshama” that you put into your work. You have managed to package age-old Torah values in a contemporary musical genre. It is quite evident that this album has been a labor of love for you. I wish you continued success as you bring your inspiring, enjoyable act to other communities and venues. Thank you.

-Rabbi Shalom Adler

“I’m Loving It!”

-Cathy Gardener, Exec. Director JCC Tampa

‘Third House Rising  has a wonderful blend of uplifting inspiration, deep expression of the soul and good entertainment.”

-Rabbi Sholom Schmerling

“One of the most well-produced and properly engineered musical masterpieces I have heard in YEARS. You guys are going to put “good Jewish” music in a realm where it is no longer an oxymoron. It is absolutely phenomenal, lyrically sound, a little techno-groovy and borderline klezmer on track 1 WITHOUT sounding like crazy! I absolutely love it!

-Marcy J. Levinson
Atlanta Jewish Times

The compositions are a real labor of love, a beautiful marriage of music and lyrics that delivers substance and soul in a very professional, contemporary package.

-Hinda Leah Sharfstein,
Bais Chana Women Int’l

“The Video & Song “Souls Live On” IS AMAZING, TOUCHING, HEARTBREAKING AND INSPIRING all in one!!  Thank you so much.  You had no way of knowing, but my namesake & my brother’s namesake died in the Holocaust….Needless to say, this is a subject that is dear to my heart. Thank you for this wonderful, sorrowful piece of musical history……


It would be hard pressed for me to have to reveal which I like better on Third House Rising. The music and the words are incredible. They both evoke many different
moods and emotions in me.  Both of them together are more than just being aware that one can hear a great  beat, clap one’s hands,  tap one’s feet and get up to dance, or, just to be happy one is Jewish. The power of your creation, your music, comes from being unaware that one listens with the ears of the heart, dances with the feet of the soul, and is happy just to be alive.

-Arlene Silver

Dear Robin and Larry,
We’d like to once again thank you for your gracious help in making our Cafe Chabad a great Success, We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who really enjoyed your music and talent.

Alas a new Genre in Jewish Music! Third House Rising led by Lawrence Dermer and Family have a created a new dynamic in Jewish music bending their talent of music with a heart for Torah and joy in Judaism. Very inspirational and lively bringing the out the inner joy of the Neshama!

-Rabbi Mendy Greenberg

May You be blessed with much health, happiness and Success!

-Rabbi Mendy & Luba Greenberg

The Third House Rising cd, by Lawrence Dermer, is an explosion of celebration.
It celebrates God’s love for us , and our love for Him. The joy of this music, and the
profound lyrics, radiate a message of hope for peace; both peace in the middle east,
and peace through out the rest of the world. Lawrence has a superb voice.
The instrumental effect is nothing short of heart pumping fireworks! The music
entwines the energy of a little salsa, a little rap beat, and some exotic ethnic strains, making it appealing to a wide range of audiences. We got totally uplifted and energized
by this invigorating music, from the first time we heard it. Knowing that this music with
a message is the result of a loving family’s collaboration, using their God given gifts,
with passion,sincerity, and purpose,is icing on the cake.

-Kathy and Rev. Jay P. Hurley
Mount Moriah Baptist Church
Smithfield, Pennsylvania

” Third House Rising is Fantastic!” “The music, the lyrics the band- all of it.”

-Rabbi Minkowitcz, Fort Myers

“We all enjoy listening to your new CD Third House Rising. The music and lyrics are inspiring to listen too, as well as spiritually uplifting. Each of your songs has a message
of its own, that speaks to the core of the human being. One my favorite is the song “Neshama,” as it is the spark within each of us that gives us the vitality to be who we
are. I also enjoy Third House Rising, as its message is one that is uplifting and hopeful.
I wish you much success with promoting your CD, and reaching out to the masses.
Robin and yourself, together with your talented sons, put together a CD that I
recommend every Jewish Neshama to listen to. All the best and warmest regards
from us all. Shabbat Shalom.

-Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel