“I have been to Reform, Conservative and Orthodox services but I have never experienced anything as wonderful as this, you are the fourth dimension of Judaism.” 

“During the service, when I close my eyes and listen to you sing, I feel as though I am flying.”

“This experience takes me back to my childhood and the beautiful memories I have of going to Shul with my father.”

Lawrence  elevates your Shabbat worship to a new level.

He touches older congregants with a style that possesses all the emotion and beauty of very traditional Cantorial music and engages  younger families and their children and leaves them wanting to come back for more. When Lawrence leads Shabbat worship the experience is magical. He gains inspiration from the congregation and they become a mirror of his electrifying energy creating a  truly special, unifying, uplifting  and joyous service. You will sing, dance, get on your feet and clap your hands to the up-tempo melodies and reflect during the more melancholy prayers. You will smile and some of you will even cry. One thing is for sure when the service is over, everyone will feel more connected, lifted and renewed than they when they arrived.