Top Song Producer Lawrence Dermer Returns to Jewish Roots

by Ben Bresky
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Israel We Are Strong is the latest chapter in the story of Lawrence Dermer, a Grammy-nominated, BMI Award-winning producer for big time acts such as Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan. Although his name is not well known, a quick search on the internet reveals his hand in a huge number of pop hits starting in the 1980s. But that all changed several years ago when a life-altering personal crisis lead the Dermer family to temporarily give up music and turn to Judaism. Click here to read article and interview.


Top US songwriter tunes up for Israel’s  anniversary

David Brinn

Lawrence Dermer set release new CD titled – We Are Strong.

Dressed in baseball cap and T-shirt, Lawrence Dermer is huddled over a mixing board at Jerusalem’s Avi Yaffa studios along with veteran Israeli singer Shlomo Gronich. It’s a familiar position for the 46-year-old, Florida-based Dermer, one of America’s most successful songwriters and producers. But instead of working on one of his Latin-pop mélanges for Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez or Madonna that have won him Grammy….click here to read entire article.

Robin Dermer shares inspiration behind Rauschenberg Holocaust Memorial program

On Wednesday, the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery on the Lee campus of Edison State College was the scene of a poignant Holocaust Memorial program. The program was the fourth and final performance in the gallery’s 2010-2011 Chamber Music Series, which cellist Diane Coffman created with the support of the gallery docents, Gallery Director Ron Bishop and Gallery Assistant Lindsey Wollard for the college’s students.

Titled “Souls Live On,” the Holocaust Memorial program was conceived by Lawrence and Robin Dermer. Lawrence is a multi-platinum recording artist and producer who has worked with J Lo, Madonna, Cher, Diana Ross, Barry Manilow, Gloria Estefan and BB King. Robin, an award-winning BMI songwriter, is the one who originally gave birth to both the song and the program as a whole.