About Third House Rising

Third House Rising is more then a family band, it is an expression of how the members live, love and share their lives with each other and everyone who has the privilege of hearing their music. Their original songs are a marriage of musical power and lyrical passion woven tightly into a unique and memorable contemporary pop sound. Whether hanging out on the dock or jamming in their studio, the multi talented family always bring it home. Since starting the band in 2007, Jaxson, who play percussion, drums, bass, guitar, and mandolin have grown exponentially as musicians and recording artists. Their energy and chemistry together is electrifying and when you put Lawrence on the keyboards into the mix, the performance is pure magic.

Robin is the lyricist and writes about life, love and positive values. “The lyrics are profound,” says Lawrence. “They’re about who we are as people and our relationships with each other and G-d.” Writing together for over two decades, the Dermers are most comfortable at home with a pen, pad, piano and each other. “When we sit down to write, Lawrence says, the words feed the music and the music feeds the words. It’s the union of the two that gives the songs the power.” Lawrence’s signature blend of music comprised of Middle Eastern, R & B, Pop, Latin and World Rhythms bring the sounds of the world together as one.Lawrence and Robin

With a new sound and family by his side, Lawrence, whose contagious music has been an inspiration internationally for decades, is the lead singer for Third House Rising. His history includes a successful career as a prolific composer and producer contributing to hundreds of well know titles including cuts with such artist as for Jenifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Madonna, Cher and B.B. King. Third House Rising is a bold statement for Dermer and exhibits the musical power and passion that one would expect from a seasoned pro.

Third House Rising, the self-titled debut CD, is perceptive, pure and poignant pop. The CD’s rhythmic resonance and compelling inspirational messages push the boundaries of music and spirituality in a way that expands the mind, soothes the heart and lifts the soul. In the mix of world rhythms, unpredictable chord changes and eclectic styles are common threads of undeniable grooves, inspired melodies and boundless passion and energy. Taken together with a diverse and dynamic stylistic range, superb vocals and thought provoking lyrics these elements contribute to what can only be described as an unforgettable CD.

My favorite on the CD is “The Maker” says Lawrence. It stands out from the high-energy tracks and ballads. Musically, it’s in the tradition of a great Billy Joel/Beatles song and Jaxson’s innovative mandolin and slide acoustic guitar give it a cool bluesy twist. Lawrence hits big soulful notes singing (I wanna know who you are/wanna feel you closer to my heart/wanna shine in your shadow/be the sound your voice make/your eyes at daybreak/I wanna be your hand/Here I Am) “Here I Am” one of the many hi energy dance songs on the 13 track CD.

Of course, the Dermers’ made sure the album is versatile, hooky and catchy. The power ballad “Jerusalem” features classic harmonies and an eternal message of longing for home. But the song that will have people talking is “Souls Live On,” a song written from the perspective of a Holocaust survivor. With strings underscoring a plaintive piano/vocal, Lawrence sings about the circle of life (Millions gone/Maybe souls live on). Recalls Robin, “I was so moved by how life could go on for those who endure unspeakable horrors and survive that I wanted to write a song of faith and belief to get us through our seemingly minor tribulations in comparison to what some endure. When Lawrence sings this song it brings people to tears. It’s amazing.”

In April of 2008, the family was inspired to travel to Israel to record their second CD, We Are Strong, a collection of songs of peace, independence and unity. The title track, “We Are Strong” is a song of inner conviction and strength. It is musically and emotionally charged with the energy of children from the Nurit Absorbtion Center in Ba’ar Sheba, Shlomo Gronich and Hadag Nachash. You can’t help but sing along (What we believe/We will become/what we hope for we will find/what seems so far/already ours/a land that’s yours and mine). “Think Peace” is a song about actualizing the world at peace and that if we all close our eyes and think it, act as if, we will make peace a reality.

With a common theme, all the songs on We Are Strong explore our individual responsibility and accountability for ourselves and the world we want to live in.” I write from my heart”, said Robin, “I want to reach people at their core and make a difference in their lives. I want our songs to be like mirrors for the soul. Songs like “Where Will We Be ,” and the introspective “Child Inside” are the only ballads on the CD. “Basha Na” is a swinging take on the classic with new English lyrics. “BashaNa” is one my favorite songs on the record,” says Robin. ” I love what Lawrence did with musical arrangement, from the first second, you’re snapping your fingers and moving your feet.”

Their appeal is growing by leaps and bounds. One thing is certain, they are definitely having a great time making music and the chemistry between them is enviable when they play. For the Dermer Family, it has always been about being together, the music and the message is what naturally evolves from their bond.

Their first performances came years ago, when Lawrence, Jaxson performed a benefit concert. Encouraged by the incredible response the Dermers’ went on to find themselves deeply immersed on a mission to bring their music to the mainstream. More then ever before, people are longing for closeness and connection to G-d, family and each other- not distance and reservation. Today’s music must encourage and command an emotional and spiritual meeting of the souls. Third House Rising makes that connection happen.