“Music is both the ultimate expression of joy (simchah), of wholehearted devotion (kavanah), and of (longing for) closeness to God (d’veikus)—and a means without parallel for attaining these states.”

Third House Rising is a Musical Jewish Journey – a collection of music and lyrics that push the boundaries of both music and Jewish in a way that expands the mind, soothes the heart and lifts the soul. The compositions reflect Lawrence’s strong Jewish heritage and embrace his contemporary musical genius. Robin’s lyrics are a unique and inspired reflection of Jewish stories, thoughts and values throughout history from the time of the First Temple through the 21st Century. Together, the music and lyrics bring light into the world by reaching into the hearts and souls listeners.

As the Jewish people have traveled, settled and flourished throughout the world and still retain their unity as one people, so do the various musical compositions in Third House Rising bring the sounds of the world together as one. Lawrence’s signature blend of music comprised of Middle Eastern, R & B, Pop, Latin and World Rhythms is neatly sewn throughout the tapestry of Third House Rising.

More then ever before in the history of our people, Jews today are longing for closeness and spiritual connection—to God and to each other—not distance and reservation. Today’s Jewish music must encourage and command an emotional and spiritual meeting of the souls. Third House Rising makes that connection happen. The marriage of Lawrence’s music and Robin’s lyrics on the original songs make them listenable over and over. Lawrence’s performance captivates young and old audiences alike bringing a common ground to the distance in musical taste across generations of parents and children.