" BMI Award winning & Grammy nominated Songwriter, Producer, Cantorial Soloist and artist Lawrence Dermer pushes the boundaries of both music and spirit in a way that expands the mind, soothes the heart and lifts the soul."


Third House Rising

Third House Rising, led by Lawrence Dermer and family, have a created a new dynamic in Jewish music blending their talents with a heart for Torah and joy in Judaism. "Very inspirational and lively bringing out the inner joy of the Neshama!" Rabbi Greenberg

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Third House Rising: We Are Strong

We Are Strong - Lawrence Dermer & Third House Rising

Lawrence Dermer: Third House Rising

Third House Rising - Lawrence  Dermer

Aveenu Malkeinu

Yedid Nefesh

Kol Nidre

We Are Strong

We Are Strong is if nothing else, a song of hope. It was inspired by the thought that if we are strong in our beliefs and committed to our highest good in ourselves and each other, then peace will come. It is speaking of an inner strength. “We Are Strong, Israel, We know that peace will come and we’ll be one, Israel, One heart, One Voice, One Song,” For all to become one, for peace in Israel to become a reality, by its very nature everyone must be included, without exclusion. Peace can only be achieved by a mutual desire for unity.

Shabbat Rocks!

Lawrence and Third House Rising performs to a standing room only crowd of 450. They Rocked Shabbat!



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gov. scott

Florida Governor Rick Scott

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Lawrence performs to a packed house of 450 at Shabbat Rocks! Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist attended and said “I came for good music.”


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